Overworked Mother of 2 “Just Can’t” Right Now

stressed out mom
Mom needs a nap.

CHINO, CA – After a sleepless night with a sick 9 month old and an episode involving a toddler, the newly painted hallway walls and a bottle of her favorite nail polish, local mother Sharon Stark, 34, reports that she “just can’t” right now. “I just… it’s… I love them… I… just… can’t right now. I just. I can’t. I just can’t right now. I can’t.” Stark’s neighbor Tammy Hawthorne believed that she always “could.” “She always seemed to have everything together. I mean, that toddler is like a bottle rocket on crack, but Sharon always seemed to have it under control. Seems to me she always could. To be honest, I was jealous. But after I saw her there, crying on the lawn, in a bathrobe, clutching a half empty bottle of wine, I knew. Right now, she just can’t,” Tammy reported, “She just… She just can’t, right now.” When reached for comment, Stark’s husband Mark texted back, “Who dis? Srry. Busy. At fantasy draft.” After her toddler’s failed nap attempt but moments before the meltdown over the wrong juice box color, witnesses noted Stark was able to take a moment to mutter to herself “It’ll all be okay. Everything’s going to be okay.” But at this moment, we are standing by reports that at the moment, she “just can’t.” We will update this story as more facts come in.

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