U.S. Mothers Worry A Robot Will Run Country Before A Woman Ever Does

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With the #MeToo movement doing little more than making for clickbait headlines, and the woman’s march imploding on itself with women arguing that the pink pussy hat isn’t inclusive enough, many US mothers just aren’t sure what to tell their daughters anymore. “We want to encourage our daughters to enter computer programming and engineering fields, but what if they do?” says Patty Grace – a mother of 3 teenage girls. “I mean, they already outperform their male counterparts in all STEM fields. If we had more women working on artificial intelligence and robotics, one of them may actually create a self sustaining, humanoid robot that could no doubt win the vote.”

“I don’t know what to tell my girls. Go into fashion? Get good at Instagram? Be dumb? Do it for the next generation? It might be our only hope at the White House,” according to Dr. Rebecca Rosenstein – a choice mom of one very promising young kindergartener.

“Of course men would vote for a robot over a woman,” says Angela Baker – a mother with 2 daughters in the gifted program. “It doesn’t even have to resemble  a person. Just throw it on a pair of monster truck tires and make it shoot fire out of its crotch. I don’t know what to tell them. It’s not like you can even sleep with a robot to get a boost.”

President Trump has responded to the concerns of his constituents by misspelling a tweet about “awesum” US army tanks.

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