Local Grandma Wins iPad Photographer of the Year Award

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“Buttons” – 2018 iPad Photographers Awards winning photo by Deborah Meyers

FORT WAYNE, IN – 73 year old Deborah Meyers was honored when she received the call that she’d been named a finalist in this year’s National iPad Photographers Awards. When she won the coveted award, she could hardly contain herself. “It was like the moon landing, Ronald Reagan’s inauguration and the birth of my first son all rolled into one. I didn’t know who to call! Most of my friends are dead and Millie wouldn’t get it. She doesn’t even know what an iPad is. So I decided to call my grandson Taylor and thank him for sending my photo in. I don’t know how he got the film out of my iPad to make a print, but he’s a computer wiz so I guess kids today just know this stuff.”

After winning the iPad Mini – which she referred to as a “big calculator with a camera” – at a church raffle, she quickly became hooked on the photo feature. From day one, she was taking snapshots of everything from family gatherings – to accidental selfies. But mostly she took photos of her cats.

“When I noticed Buttons sitting in the window staring at squirrel I thought, ‘Now isn’t that precious’ and so I paused Fox News and took the photo. I didn’t think it’d make me famous!”

It’s not the five element lens, f/2.4 aperture or 8 megapixel sensor that drew Deborah to the iPad’s camera. “I like the big screen. Oh, and I can also play solitaire on it. You can’t do that with a Fujifilm.”

When asked what her next plans were after her unexpected photographic notoriety she mentioned an interest in cinematography. “I’d love to use the video function to maybe tape some of my granddaughter’s softball games, but the memory is almost full and I can’t buy another iPad. I’m on a fixed income.”

Deborah says she won’t let the award go to her head. She’s hung the plaque above her fireplace and plans to spend the $25 gift certificate to The Olive garden on “a nice lunch for Millie and I. Other than that, I guess I’ll just keep snapping photos of Buttons until this thing fills up.”

Deborah’s photos can be viewed on her Facebook page, which Taylor is helping her run.

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