Retired San Francisco Grandparents Sell Modest 3 Bedroom Home, Buy Entire State of Wyoming

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After 36 happy years in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, Donald and Gretchen Sandoval have sold their meager, 1400 sq. ft., 3 bedroom Edwardian style home and used the money to purchase the state of Wyoming.

“After realtor fees and taxes, we had just enough left over to either spend our retirement traveling this great country in our own private jet, or we could buy a land mass bigger than the United Kingdom. Real Estate has been good to us so far, so we went with Wyoming. Plus, Gretchen just loves the wilderness,” Donald explained.

They moved to the The Golden City and bought the house back when people could afford to both live there, and eat three square meals a day; without starting a popular social network or owning a nationwide chain of Crossfit gyms. Donald, a retired History teacher, and Gretchen, who used to work an information booth at Candlestick park, are one of the last middle class couples to live in the area, and they say they’re going to miss it. Donald was especially sentimental. “It’s where we raised our kids. It’s where we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. It’s where I first tried Kombucha. I’m gonna miss this place.”

“I won’t miss the traffic,” Gretchen joked. She says she’s always been into gardening and is excited to be able to try her hand at 97,000 square miles of arable property. “I know the perfect little area I can clear out to grow my tomato plants. Cheyenne.”

San Francisco will truly miss these former high school sweethearts, and the big city wishes them a happy and fruitful retirement as proud owners of this country’s least populated state.


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