Family Gives Up Dressers, Just Pull Clean Clothes From Giant Laundry Pile on Couch

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laundry piled on couch
Laundry piling up? Or put away? It’s all about perspective.

SCHAUMBURG, IL – After reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, local mother of four boys, Janet Thurndon, 39, decided to get rid of all unnecessary furniture items in her home.  She thought to herself, “What takes up more space in the house than furniture we rarely use?” She decided to list all the household dressers on Craigslist and utilize the space on the end of the couch nobody sits on to store the family’s clean laundry. In a move toward overall efficiency, Janet points out that the laundry room, family room and door to exit the house once the members of her family are all fully clothed, are all on the first floor level. “What’s the point in bringing clean clothes all the way upstairs if we’re just going to put them on again, head downstairs, and leave?” She’s donated the closet hangers to Goodwill, swapped all the dirty clothes hampers for a giant pile on the top of the dryer, and says, “Now that their closets are free from all that extra clutter, I can just shove all their toys and crap inside and off the floor. Their rooms finally look clean.”

The adjustment has freed up some much needed time for Janet, who says she spent hours a week folding clothes, scaling her staircase with laundry baskets and putting everything neatly away. Then, she would grab the dirty clothes from the upstairs bedrooms, bring them back down stairs, wash them, and repeat the never ending cycle of the meaningless, mindless, empty task of making sure her kids don’t look and smell like third world orphans. “They’re just gonna play in the mud anyways. I don’t want that upstairs. I tell them ‘throw those shirts on top of the dryer and watch TV in your underwear.'”

She’s made other moves to tidy up the home like storing all clean dishes in the dishwasher, and having the boys just keep all their school and soccer stuff in the back of the van. “I love what that book taught me. I feel so relaxed without all that clutter around the house.”

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