Toddler Enrolled in Spanish Emersion Preschool Can Only Say “Quesadilla”

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BEVERLYWOOD, CA – With a desire to give their daughter a broader understanding of different cultures, Devin and Julia Wilson opted to pay a premium to enroll their 3 year old, Alyssa, in an all-Spanish, multicultural class at the local Montessori preschool. “It’s been four months and all she can say is ‘quesadilla,'” says Devin. “This is what an extra $250 a month gets us? We could literally live in Honduras for less than that.”

“She comes home from school, sets her dolls up for circle time, and leads her imaginary class in gibberish. I don’t know what she thinks she’s saying, but it’s not Spanish,” Julia adds. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s cute. Just not $3000 a year cute.”

The immersion class is designed so that students will learn all the preschool basics like shapes, colors, letters and numbers in Spanish. So that, according to most kindergarten teachers, they typically have the benefit of starting Elementary school months behind their English-only learning classmates in grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. The Wilsons don’t seem to have to worry about that. “Quesadilla. That’s all we’re getting from her,” Devin vents. “Quesadilla. Quesadilla. ‘What do you want for dinner?’ Quesadilla. ‘What’s your favorite color?’ Quesadilla. ‘Who drew on the wall?’ Quesadilla.”

The Wilsons have not given up complete hope on immersion schooling. With very few alternatives in the area that don’t involve nuns, the couple have decided to add Alyssa to the wait-list for local the English-speaking Jewish preschool in the hopes of enlightening her on the culture of Ophthalmologists.

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