Feminist Dad Teaches Daughter She Too Can Be a Roofer

“You can do any job a man can do, no matter how shitty the job is.”

PANORAMA CITY, CA – In an age where women are filling boardrooms and executive offices across the world, one man wants his daughter to know, these days, women aren’t limited in what they can do. “It used to be that only men could be roofers, garbage men – Sorry. garbage people, septic tank maintenance workers, and other mind-numbing, dangerous, dirty jobs,” Jesse Robertson, a 39 year old stay-at-home father of two. “I want my daughter to know that those limitations are gone and women are free to do all the shitty work men have traditionally done.”

Washing a plastic Elsa plate while his wife was at work running the Latinx Marketing Program at a major car insurance company, Robertson continued, “I love my wife. And she’s broken through some of the barriers women have had in the workforce. But we haven’t broken down all the barriers women like my little girl might come up against. I still don’t see any female day laborers, asphalt layers or tree trimmers.”

He went on to say women don’t have all the same options as men do to make an income just above the poverty line if they, “weren’t so good at reading in high school,” Robertson says. “Women don’t have the same opportunities men do to make $14 an hour, breaking their back, attaching solar panels to clay tiles on summer roofs in Tucson. Men still fill those positions.”

According to Jesse Robertson we won’t have equality until all the shitty jobs are half-filled with women. “If men can become nurses, women are more than capable of handling HVAC repairs.”

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