High-Powered Executive Mom Can Handle Anything, Except Turning the Lights Off When Leaving a Room

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“That’s what assistants are for,” says Serene Matthews.

From the boardroom to the bedroom, a trail of light.

SEATTLE, WA – She runs business development for a national credit card processor and gets paid very well to do so. She’s deftly navigated office politics throughout her 13 year career to make it to the top of her field. Even the trades have written about her. She’s managed to grow her team of direct subordinates to over 100 and they all speak highly of her. Even with a full work calendar, she manages to do yoga five nights a week and is always home in time to eat dinner with her family. “She’s amazing,” her husband Trent says. “Serene can do anything, except turn the goddam lights off.” He took a deep breath and continued, “Why even have light switches?”

After being reminded that their electric bill is well under budget, the solar panels on their roof providing most of their electricity each month, Trent defended his position by saying, “Yeah but still.” Searching for a reason to still be upset he pointed out, “these bulbs don’t last forever. I don’t want our nanny to have to get up on a ladder and swap the bulbs out every nine months. Not to mention, they’re not free. These bulbs cost upwards of $2 a piece.” He then nodded as if he’d said something of value while he continued folding the children’s clothes. “You’re not gonna tell her you were here, are you?”

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